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Career in Air Traffic Controller / Kerjaya sebagai Kawalan Trafik Udara

Air Traffic Control is a service provided by the Department Of Civil Aviation, Ministry Of Transport for the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic within the Malaysian Airspace. The air traffic services is constantly being developed to meet the increasing needs of the modern jet age and requires skilled Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) who will have at their disposal highly sophisticated electronic tools to enable them to provide the service.
The job of an Air Traffic Controllers is unique and demanding for it requires ‘parallel’ thinking and rapid decision making. Each controller will be trained by the department using practical and simulation methods in acquiring the necessary skills.
As a controller, you will be aspired to achieve the objective set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of preventing collision between aircraft in the air and on the manoeuvring area and between aircraft and obstruction and to expedite and maintain an orderly flow of air traffic.
Apart from this reason, the controllers are also expected to play a part and contribute their ideas and skills in the operational planning and administration of the Air Traffic Management Sector under the Department Of Civil Aviation Malaysia.
A Degree from local university or equivalent qualifications recognized by the Government of Malaysia; and
Obtained at least a pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics or Science and English at SPM level.
ATCO Grade A41
P1T1 RM 1815.52 - P1T26 RM 4723.82
P2T1 RM 1911.53 - P2T26 RM 5000.60
P3T1 RM 2011.72 - P3T26 RM 5301.27
Commencing salary of RM 1990.20 on P1T3 scale for General Degree or RM 2091.04 on
P1T4 scale for Honours Degree.
ATCO Grade A44
P1T1 RM 3027.51 - P1T14 RM 5017.42
P2T1 RM 3351.73 - P2T14 RM 5504.40
ATCO Grade A48
P1T1 RM 4430.15 - P1T8 RM 5881.46
P2T1 RM 4869.86 - P2T8 RM 6438.07
ATCO Grade A52
P1T1 RM 4990.92 - P1T8 RM 6442.23
P2T1 RM 5464.03 - P2T8 RM 7032.24
ATCO Grade A54
P1T1 RM 5256.70 - P1T8 RM 6841.63
P2T1 RM 5721.46 - P2T8 RM 7465.02
Diploma holders from UiTM, UTM and other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Government of Malaysia, and
Obtained at least a pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics or Science and English at SPM level.
ATCO Grade A29
P1T1 RM 1490.41 - P1T22 RM 3054.36
P2T1 RM 1561.50 - P2T22 RM 3254.01
P3T1 RM 1635.61 - P3T22 RM 3435.45
Commencing salary of RM 1298.81 on P1T3 scale for General diploma or RM 1352.05 on
P1T4 scale for Engineering Diploma.
ATCO Grade A36
P1T1 RM 2754.86 - P1T14 RM 4518.50
P2T1 RM 2968.12 - P2T14 RM 5023.63
ATCO Grade A38
P1T1 RM 3191.98 - P1T11 RM 4722.68
P2T1 RM 3405.24 - P2T11 RM 5205.14
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) holders or any other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Govenment of Malaysia; and
Credit in Mathematics, English and any one of Science subject, and pass in Bahasa Malaysia (including oral) at SPM level.
ATCO Gred A17
P1T1 RM 829.45 - P1T24 RM 2178.66
P2T1 RM 882.39 - P2T24 RM 2299.69
P3T1 RM 936.84 - P3T24 RM 2425.14
ATCO Gred A22
P1T1 RM 1735.44 - P1T15 RM 2866.82
P2T1 RM 1877.62 - P2T14 RM 3184.42
ATCO Gred A26
P1T1 RM 2217.93 - P1T9 RM 3016.57
P2T1 RM 2431.19 - P2T9 RM 3302.39
A licensed ATCO shall receive a professional allowance in addition to the salary and various government allowances paid on a monthly basis.
a) Incentive (Licensed) Allowance
Grade A29 RM 250.00
Grade A36 RM 350.00
Grade A38 RM 400.00
Grade A41 RM 600.00
Grade A44 RM 700.00
Grade A48 RM 900.00
Grade A52 RM 1000.00
Grade A54 RM 1200.00
In addition, a licensed ATCO who performs Air Traffic Control functions and hold a current Air Traffic Control Ratings shall receive the following;

b) Rating Allowance
Aerodrome Control RM 200.00
Approach Control RM 350.00
Area Control (Procedural) RM 450.00
Area Control (Radar) RM 600.00
Approach Control (Radar) RM 750.00
For all grades of ATCOS, candidates must:
a) Pass an aptitude test conducted by the Department Of Civil Aviation;
b) Successfully undergo a medical examination which includes test for eye-sight/
colour blindness and hearing.
All new ATCO’s gred A41 and gred A29 have to undergo a pre-service training for about 18-24 months at the Civil Aviation Academy, and various On-job Training Centres. During a pre-service training, an allowance of RM 1139.09 will be paid to Diploma holders and RM 1433.85 to Degree holders. Book allowance of RM 250.00 will also be paid once during the course.
Vacancies for Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) are advertised from time to time. Interested candidates are also requested to access Public Servise Commision website at for information and online application.
Correspondence should be made to:
Admin and Finance Division
Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia
No 27, Persiaran Perdana
Level 3, Podium Block, Lot 4G4, Precinct 4
Federal Government Administrative Centre
Air Traffic Management Sector
Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia
No 27, Persiaran Perdana
Level 4, Podium Block B, Lot 4G4, Precinct 4
Federal Government Administrative Centre
Phone : +603-8871 4000
Fax : +603-8871 4290
Website :

Source from

Some of the information above are not valid anymore such as Training session. Sekarang nie semua ATCO and ATCA dapat offer full service under goverment so xde la pre service lagi. U got full payment as ATCO or ATCA and all the elaun yg gov bagi kepada semua kakitangan gov lain mcm COLA, perumahan dll. Kalo ikut sekarang nie dah 3 batch yg dioffer full service (i'm in 2nd batch) with all the term and condition of course la kan and rumours have said that they want to change it to contact service but it still under proposal.
Sapa yg nak behenti keje lama yg maybe dh stable dan masuk gov yg tak menjanjikan tempat yg tetap kan but still u have to under go all the courses and of course kene lepas all the courses with minimum grade 70%. Kalo tak pass then u still another chance to take the courses again with condition that ada la courses tu ditawarkan or u have to take it with the new batch. Some of the earlier courses yg kene undergo pertama sekali Primary Courses. Kira mcm kt Tadika la u learn all about aviation from the basis A to Z.
Otherwise u still can be kick out after 3 years mkn gaji gov. Sbb one of the condition is u have to be confirm with Jabatan with in 3 years dgn several courses dh attend and lulus. But if u tak lepas some of the courses and term 3 years u dah abis u still dapat surat resign from JPA. We have history on that.
(I'm not kidding - It not so hard but it not easy also. As long as u struggle a bit u can make it at least minimum but are u satisfied with minimum requirement that will put it into your Buku Kerja sepanjang perkhidmatan? U asked yourself la)
Kalo ada soalan boleh kemukan kt comment and i will try to answer it (base on my limited experience).....



  1. Assalamualaikum, slamat hari raya...^^

    Ada byk soklan nak tanya kat akak ni:

    1. What is the work environment like? Bosan? Pressure? Fast-paced? Hectic? Sunyi?

    2. Maksudnya, batch yg selepas ni akan dpt gaji penuh ATCA or ATCO la ye walaupun baru sedang dlm training?

    3. Is it easy to fail the tests?

    4. Do we get to choose where we want to be assigned to?

    5. How do you feel about your job? Passionate about it? Is it inspiring? Do you feel enthusiastic to go to work everyday?

    Sekian, terima kasih...


  2. Hi nYan... Sorry for a late reply. Tak perasan ada comment.

    1. Work environment mmg ok... It because u'll be working in a team. ATC is all about team work. U will not be leave behind. Pressure? Semua keje pun ada pressure nyer sendiri. Cume tahap pressure tu jer berbeza. As an ATC, of coz the pressure is there (in fact kalo tgk survey ATC listed as the most pressure work in the world) especially when the traffic is built up or there are some 'abnormal situation' but like i said u not alone... Kalo akak, perkataaan bosan mmg xde dlm kamus ATC.

    2. As far as i know gov still offer full service means that u will get full payment with all the allowence as other gov servant. The contract stuff still under proposal by JPA.

    3. It easy to fail the test kalo tak berusaha la.... But is easy to pass as long as u struggle a bit. If u fail, u still get another chance to make it up. U will be guide so no worries...

    4. Of course u can choose where u want to be attach tp it not promises especially kt airport. Sometimes u'll be sending to the sabah and sarawak kalo u A29. Kalo A41 u only have 3 choices jer center di Malaysia nie which is Subang, KK and Kuching. Biasa la gov nie kalo naik pangkat pn kene transfer gak and sometimes after 4 to 5 years serve kt certain airport u can request to transfer to the other airport.

    5. I really really really love my job.... Kalo akak leh kata job nie kire love at 1st sight jgk sbb masa pergi lawatan to subang center when i still belajar kt U dulu, akak terus suka job nie. The challenge is there even the pressure is there. U will never know what would happen/faces everyday when u come to work. Kalo keje pejabat kita tau ari nie kene siapkan keje nie pastu boss tambah lagi keje yg sama but in ATC, u can't expect anything everytimes u going to work but pray for the best because u work dealing with hundred of other people life including maybe ur love one so just make sure u gain the knowlegde, experince so u can handle even the 'abnormal situation' to save other people life... Interesting haaa....?

    1. salam sis..mohon khidmat nasihat boleh, actually sis more experience ..many questions want to ask u..hehe

  3. I'm in love! ^___^ with the job, I mean...hehe...
    Terima kasih banyak2 sbb sudi jawab soalan daripada "sang stranger" ni. Saya memang doa saya dpt "seruan" utk pergi interview ATCO tahun ni, ataupun tahun depan, dah lama dok menunggu, almost three years already.

    Ok, satu je lagi soalan. DCA/ Panel Interviewer tengok ke kelayakan ijazah calon2? Macam saya ni, Engineering Telecommunications, result pun tak gempak, risau kalau tak dipilih nanti...T T Lagi pulak, kerja saya sekarang pun tak ada kaitan langsung dgn jawatan ATCO ni mahupun dgn bidang engineering yg saya belajar dulu.

    Kindly clarify(when your are not too busy directing traffic in the sky)^__^


  4. Hi.... Skrg akak tgh "on leave" sbb nak bersalin.... so masa nie duk opis hour jer...

    Masa 2nd interview with DCA people dieorg nak test ur english language jer tp masa stage 3, interview ngn SPA dieorg ada gak tgk kelulusan tp jgn risau... it nothing to do with ur kelulusan. Akak pn degree in electrical engineering minor in computer engineering dgn result yg takat2 paras hidung jer. Ada jgk my collegue lain tu degree in biology and account lagi tp still in ATC. Akak ingat panel ada tanya kot masa interview tu what i got in my degree can help me to learn ATC, akak pn hentam jer la bitau yg electrical nie ada learn about radar which is related to ATC equipment... Xpe jgn risau sgt pasal degree tu sbb when u are in ATC u will learn from 0. Mcm bdk tadika kene belajar ABC semula..... Degree tu utk membolehkan u apply for the job jer.... Just show ur interest / passion to the job jer....

    I more thing, never stop trying.... If u love it chase for it.... Tak kira la intake to cepat or lambat (lagi2 la skrg nie gov tgh bekukan pengambilan sbb waktu bersara dh dipanjangkan) but never stop trying....
    For ur info akak dapat job nie pn after 2nd attempt.... 1st attempt dulu sangkut kt stage 2 dgn DCA and next year tu cuba lagi dan rezeki dapat masuk..... :)

  5. hi mdm faezah, greetings from nilai negeri sembilan, annurrazali.

    i'd kill to have this job, since my first semester of diploma year, computer science. i am currently will pursue my degree pretty soon, can't wait to finish up my degree and apply for the job, atco a41.

    i've been informed that we can apply this job from spa. my question is, how long does it took to finally got a reply from them, meaning to say in what month will the intake takes place for new batch of ATCO?

    your answer will muchly appreciated, thank you so much dear guardian of the sky :)


  6. Hi annurrazali...
    It is true that u have to fill up the spa form to apply for this job since it 100% under gov service...
    I can't give u the exact answer for ur question since i didn't know when the intake will take place... But through my experience there will be 1 intake every year since i join the service but it not only for A41. For 2011 batch, they only took A29 which is AATCO. Since u have the diploma, u can apply for the AATCO first. Im not sure the exact month but when u already fill up the spa form and ur name already in the system, they will call u for an exam... Just be ready... Spa can open the offer anytime when there a need by department...
    For me myself, it took me 3 years to get to this service so be patience... Get a job and wait for the call... Always check the spa website for any update....

  7. Hi again mdm faezah,

    thank you for your wilingness in fulfilling my curiosity needs haha. i must say, i envy you a lot (in a good way) for having the best-est time of your life and having the chance to enjoy it every single moment you can.

    well 3 years in my case is actually quite a long time, i'm not sure i can hang on that long haha. i've been planning on trying out for a29 but i'm afraid it's pretty hard to naik ke a41:( is it? by kekosongan kan. will it be possible if i take the a29 and then once i got through the department, i took cuti belajar and finish up my degree to get to that a41 one. or is it much better if i just pursue my 2 year degree and apply for the job, a41, right after i finish up my degree.

    lend me your best thought on this dear soon-to-become-senior-hopefully :)


  8. wow...ada blog...

  9. salam.. kak, saya memang sangat2 berminat nak jadi ATC. saya baru apply untuk post PEMBANTU KAWALAN TRAFIK UDARA GRED A17 di laman web SPA. saya apply untuk post tu sebagai langkah pertama untuk jadi ATC, ok ke? saya sekarang sedang mengambil degree in Aviation Management. Dalam end of JUne 2013 habislah. saya saja apply awal sebab takut procedure lama. saya harap akak boleh jadi sumber inspirasi@idola saya..

  10. Salam kak,
    macam mana dengan pakej gaji yang ditawarkan?adakah lebih lumayan daripada pakej gaji jabatan kerajaan yang lain?
    selain tu, ade kemudahan kuarters tak untuk staf?
    dari segi masa bekerja macam mana plak?

    terima kasih...

  11. Dari segi carrier development macam mana pulak?ade pluang X AATCO jadi ATCO?n cepat ke nak naik pangkat?

  12. Selepas abis training kat MAVA, adakah tempat posting atas pilihan kita sendiri or DCA akan letak kat mana-mana airport?means no choice...
    ni untuk jawatan AATCO A29..kalau kat sarawak mcm mana?

  13. i baru lulus 1st exm...any tips for 2nd stage? =)

    1. As salam husna...blh bgtau exam tu die tnye ape? Sbb sy nk exam sabtu ni..blh kngsi skit x?

  14. Assalamualaikum kak.
    It's been almost a whole year since my first comment here, which I have always felt thankful for the answers given by you ^ ^ And guess what? I just had my 2nd stage assessment at DCA Putrajaya two weeks ago. I'd say my chance is....50-50? It was especially tough during the last test, which where there was a group discussion and presentation, two things that I have been always so bad at. Gemuruh tak hengat T T
    I really hope that I won't fail halfway, that would be such an epic tragedy, I want to be a part of your team so badly.

    Anyway, since it's Ramadhan, I wish you a Great Fasting Month, and, if it isn't too much trouble, mintak doakan saya lepas masuk sbg ATCO intake tahun ni.

    That is, of course, if you aren't too busy, you know, directing traffic in the sky ^^

  15. thanks for the very good info, should this blog turn into first ATC TV series in malaysia...macam cerita kat bawah ni...>>

    by the , saya tengah menunggu keputusan 3rd interview nye result in 2 weeks time..hopefully berjaya la....amin..TQ banyak banyak atas info di blog ni ..all the best sis

    1. Hi Syncrotek,

      Thanks for the support..... hopefully I still can continue sharing info about atco in malaysia....

  16. Assalam...sape yang berjaya melepasi temuduga hari tu? =)


  17. Hi sis,

    This a very usefull tips post for us. Thank you for this post. Between, I applied for ATC A41 in SPA and waiting for the result patiently.

    All the best to those waiting for the result too..

    Take care.


    1. Welcome and thanks for the support.......

  18. Hi, course air traffic controller ni, ada offer kat malaysia ke?
    Nak ambil kat mana eh course ni?

    1. Dulu xde uni mana2 yg offer specific courses berkenaan ATCO nie tp courses yg melibatkn aviation mmg byk. Mcm course kt usm- courses aeroangkasa, some other courses berkenaan pengendalian kapal terbang tp tu semua basic about aviation jer. Tp masa tahun early 1990 dulu ada utm buat courses utk jadi atco nie. They undergo 2 years study at utm then gov terus serap lantikan ke atco tp they still have to pass all the courses. Tp tu dulu, ada 2 batch yg gov buat but then they stop the offer. Some of them are our senior now.... but I heard UTHM skrg ada offer courses related to atco. U can chech their website...... the courses that they offer are

      Faculty Of Mechanical And Manufacturing Engineering

      Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours
      Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering Technology (Professional Piloting) with Honours
      Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering Technology (Aircraft Maintenance) with Honours
      Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering Technology (Air Traffic Controller) with Honours (2013) ------ yg nie courses baru yg UTHM tawarkan mmg related to be ATCO.....

      hehehe dpt tau info nie masa buat lawatan the center Subang sbb masa tu kebetulan ada visit jgk dr the educationer and student dr UTHM yg nk tau prospek keje ATCO yg sebenar.... its a good exposure sebenarnyer to the student coz at least they know what are they become in the future......

  19. salam,,nk tye lw cm tudm pye atca slps 10 thn bekerja gred bpew ea n brpgkt sarjan aw koporal.....n ble aply x join dca....

    1. Hi.... sorry I can't answer ur question because I never meet any tudm become dca atco.... tp sy byk jumpa tudm yg jd flight ops kt hq. Most of the flight ops mcm pilot and aircraft engineer kat hq tu are frm tudm tp xde lg yg sy jumpa jadi ATCO.....ada jgk I meet tudm yg jadi consultant to the private company to give consultant to the atco related to the aviation......

  20. Hi..... some of the question here have been answered in Question and Answer post...... tq

  21. I'm surveying about this career. so i would like to ask. in this career. how to apply to get this career? from the dca website? as said in other questions n answers. after applying it. then we will start working in this department. we will be taught from A-Z. meaning if the degree isnt even related. we can still get the job but still a fight between other contenders will occur to choose the best among the best. right? is that all? just aplly. interview n all. taught from a-z. then get the job? so there's no degree or anything in this type of job? is it?

  22. Hi..I will be going for test this saturday.can I know what is the example of questions that will be given?any website I can refer for this?

    1. Same here but not ready for the thre any tips that you want to share with me??

  23. Ade sape2 blh share exam untk ATC ni nk k e prepare ape?sabtu ni sy nk exam...prkongsian dr anda semua amat dperlukan...ASAP

    1. Lulus x exm tu?Dpt prgi 2nd stage?

  24. Hi everyone. Anyway thanks baca blog yg berhabuk nie. I have shared some info psl exam. It not a tips just a little example of question yg me pernah lalui dulu...

    All the best and good luck

  25. hi ...nk pakai spek...rabun jauh ada chance x utk apply job ni?heeehe

  26. Salam sis,

    memang best baca your entry.....really helpful....i dpat panggilan untuk pg PAC forA41 22/12 ni.....nk tnya...normally what they(candidates) do during the assessment and based on what dorang nilai candidates???

  27. salam sis,

    same here, dpt PAC A41 21/12/13..nak tau sikit..
    1)aritu time exam, yg jaga exam ckp DCA nak pakai org cepat, so by Feb2014 da start intake..nak tau untuk ape?
    2)katakanlah dapat..aminnn...jadik ATCO terus..salary based on spa website for degree holder with hons ialah start je dpt salary rm2466+elaun...xde dah training period with only elaun of rm1500...betulkah ape yg saya tulisi ini....yg time training tu dapat gaji basic ATCO terus

    terima kasih n gudluck to all yg dpt panggilan PAC

  28. salam akak, just nak tanya, alhamdulillah skrg gaji saya diparas yg okey la dgn comitment yg ada. sekarang di swasta, aircraft MRO as engineer. baru2 nie saya dpt panggilan utk atc, dah lulus ujian dan ada rezeki utk assesment. Cuma saya sekarang nak tahu starting gaji utk fresh atc. berapa gaji termasuk elaun setelah kita die pilih utk berkhidmat? sbb saya banyak fikirkan tentang commitment saya disebabkan isteri saya juga hanya suri rumah dah kos hidup sekarang sgt tinggi. walaupun saya masih berumur 26 tahun dan merupakan anak sulung yg masih mempunyai adik2 yg masih belajar, membuatkan saya utk berfikir banyak kali utk berkhidmat dgn gomen walaupun saya meminati atc nie. ibubapa saya jugak tidak bekerja dan pencen pun 400 ringgit sebulan. saya ingin dengar pendapat dari akak, insya allah boleh membantu saaya sikit dlm gaji dan kenaikan tahunan termasuk elaun. terima kasih akak.....

  29. Salam
    Boleh bagi skit tips untuk PAC? Akhir bulan ni dah nak kene panggil

  30. Salam too will having 2nd phase for PAC this coming sunday 22.12.13. any tips for it? ur prompt attention will be much appreciated. thanks.

    1. Terima kasih di atas perbincangan dan soalan2, alhamdulillah saya dapat 2nd stage interview untuk 22 feb 2014...di akademi penerbangan awam...sya ingt nak ambil kelas bahasa inggeris la

  31. Alhmd dah lulus exam both.. waiting for interview.. ade tips x?? and another thing is untuk insentif skrg mmg same mcm dulu @ dah meningkat?? elaun plak mcm mane??

  32. Assalamualaikum akak, saya lepasan SPM tahun ni and result akan keluar in 1-2 months camtu (expected in 27th March) . Camne path untuk saya jadi airtraffic controller eh? or atleast working in air traffic. I find this career kinda awesome jugak.

  33. Best juga jd ATC.. boley kata macam main games keja nie. Cuma x boley game over.. utk sume yg berminat masa PAC. 1st. Jaga mata sbb ada ujian mata check utk colour blind. 2nd ujian berkumpulan.. slalunya ada 1 task. Tujuan nak tengok kerjasama n leadership. Jd take part dan keluarkan idea2 anda sbb anda akan diperhatian dr masa ke semasa. English is very important. 3rd. Sessi cakap2 ngn org dca.. heheeheh pandai2 la goreng tp kalo x tahu jgn goreng lebih2 cakap jerk tak tahu slalunya diaorg tanya pasal industri penerbangan & info semasa pasal penerbangan. Persiapan lain.. jgn lupa bawa gambar ukuran pasport dan salinan sijil2 akademik..penting tu. Jgn risau lebih2 n slalunya ada makan.. lauk b3st2

  34. Hi, just nk tanya pendapat bcoz i really got zero knowledge about this. anyway, i pass the 1st exam and now waiting for the PAC this saturday. I already 35 this year and skrg keja dgn european engineering company kat PJ. my income now is lebih kurang 4,500/month. dari apa yg i baca kat atas ni if i was accepted to the post, my starting salary is about 1350++ je kan?? so should i go for the PAC or its not worth it?? ;(

  35. Salam . I juz wanna ask , can I apply this course without diploma nor degree in my hand ?? I mean , by using only SPM result . If can , what is the highest grade can I achieve ?? Is it A41 ?? -AWAN-

  36. salam.. any tips for the interview 3rd stage?is there technical question that will be ask?

  37. Assalamualaikum kak. Saye baru je terima result SPM and ingin sangat nak kerja ATC since being a pilot is too expensive at the moment. Kat mane boleh saye ambik Dip or Degree utk keje ATC ni?

  38. Assalamualaikum n slamat sjhtra smua,
    kpada sesiapa yg ad tips utk temuduga akhir 3rd stage bleh kongsi2 dgn akn g last stage dh usha smpi thap ni moga dpt position dh try cri tp ssah nk jmpe tok last stage..kbnyakkan tok exam n pac..mintak tlg ye..wechat mr.qojad..tq..:-)

  39. slam kak. saya lepasan STPM..kalau saya nak kerja bidang ni perlu kos apa..saya aliran sastera jer.klau kos engineer mmg dh tak bole ambil..tq

  40. Salam kak, tumpang tnya untuk batch tahun 2013 die org masih terima gaji dgn elaun penuh lg ke masa kursus di Mava?

  41. Salam kak...saya ada dpat tawran degree Kej...Aeronautik(Kawalan Trafik Udara)...saya nk tnya tntang peluang kerjaya dia ok x?....dan berapa jumlah yg perlu dibayar utk buat lesen ATC?

  42. Salam sis...thank u very much for the info.Actually byk psoalan that keep me wondering on job training..salary,leaves,sbjects.Alhamdulillah ur blog byk mmbantu saya.Thanks sis!I will be at Mava this mid dec 2014..very eager n curious to be there!

  43. salam.. boleh saya tahu courses untuk ambil diploma air traffic ni? ipta?

  44. Assalamualaikum akak, saya lepasan SPM tahun ni and result akan keluar 3 March 2015. Camne path untuk saya jadi airtraffic controller or air traffic management? or atleast working in air traffic. Thanks...

  45. Akk.... nk tnya klu nk. ATC
    ... kt u amik.kursus ape

  46. Nak tanya,dkt u kena amik course apa bcs im a spm leavers

  47. assalamualaikum sis,
    tumpang tanya ,
    adakah jawatan ini hanya lah utk lepasan ijazah2 yg berkaitan kejuteraan sahaja ?
    bagaimana jika lepasan ijazah selain kejuteraan layakkah untuk memohon.
    terima kasih .


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