Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bz week.....

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

I heard the result for A41 PAC and exam SPA for A29 are out. 
CONGRATULATION to all candidate that make it to next stage. I know u will feel the excitement for the next stage.

For A41, be prepare for the interview with SPA.
For A29, u have to prepare for PAC which i think is more likely like A41 PAC. U may read my entry about how the PAC will be conducted. I will share some more information later about role play.


for this time being, i was really bz with KLIA 2 training. The training already started since last year and toward the opening this coming MEI 2014, there a lot more training and refresher will be conducted. We have our theory classes for KLIA2 operation with Mr Andrea Ponziani from ENAV, the ATC authority from Italy. They come all the way from Italy to share their knowledge and experience especially regarding runway crossing operation. Of course, I have to prepare for an exam tomorrow and the passing mark is 70% and above. 

Remember as long u are an ATC it is a never ending training.

I hope i could share some information for stage 3 and the additional info for PAC later after i have finish my training.

For those who already send the email request for the notes, i will reply it later. And for those who asked me to send to them, i really hope that u could send the email to me first. Like i mention earlier in the entry, it much easier for me to send through my mobile phone since i store it in there.

So hope to see u next entry........ wish me luck for my exam tomorrow

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