Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It come to the end

Today was the last final paper for the Primary Courses....... FINALLY
so now
what we can do is waiting for the result to come out.
The briefing just now given by Miss Anna
that we have to come on FRiday evening at 3pm
to get
our official result.
It will determine whether u have to stay AND re-seat for the failed paper
u can proceed with ur 2 week ATTACHMENT for
ur chosen airport.
i can pass all the paper, go to the attachment
come back to do the 2nd stage which is
which will start
10 May 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The View from Above

Most people don’t give them a second thought, but air traffic controllers are among the people who ensure travellers reach their destinations safely.

Like a game of chess, air traffic control is all about tactical manoeuvres and strategy, says a seasoned air traffic controller (ATC).
However, instead of starting with 16 chess pieces, a controller juggles with up to 35 aircraft at any one time. And rather than setting and achieving long-term goals like in chess, he focuses on where to place different planes in a limited time in a smooth sequence.

A view of KLIA from the air traffic control tower

The goal? To shepherd the planes safely to their destinations and to prevent an aerial pile-up. When a chess player loses, the result is dejection and a bruised ego, but when an ATC “loses”, many lives are lost.
Most of us take ATCs for granted. After all, how many of us would thank the ATCs when our flights arrive or depart punctually, or we arrive in one piece? The fact is, ATCs are like the pilot’s extra pair of eyes and brain. Using sophisticated radar systems that provide an overview of the airspace, ATCs can help pilots manage flight paths.
On the ground (airport), ATCs provide clearance for landing, taxing on the runway and parking at the gate.
“When we are in the airspace, we can’t spot the other planes so we depend on the ATCs to give us advice,” says commercial pilot K. Abu Bakar, 35, who has been flying for 13 years.
“ATCs are like traffic policemen — they direct aircraft traffic and make sure aircraft are kept at a safe distance. The final responsibility lies with the pilot, especially during emergencies, and sometimes he may divert from the ATC’s instructions. But it’s safe to say ATCs and pilots play almost a 50-50 role in ensuring flight safety,” he adds.
One of the worst crashes in aviation history happened in 1996 in India when a language mix-up between pilots and ATCs resulted in a mid-air collision between a Kazakh Airways cargo plane and a Saudi Airways Boeing 747 with 350 fatalities.
In 2001 in Japan, confusing instructions from inexperienced ground controllers led to a near-collision between two jumbo jets. In 2006, a Nigerian airliner crashed, killing 96 passengers, because the pilot didn’t heed the advice of traffic controllers to wait out the stormy weather before taking off.

ATCs also play guardian angels to pilots in distress.Klang Valley-based air traffic controller K. Mani Vannan, 31, recalls an accident when a trainee pilot got lost on his solo flight from Johor Baru to Malacca due to bad weather.
“He sounded terrified, and I don’t blame him because imagine yourself flying in between big clouds and not being able to see where you are,” says Mani.
The inexperienced pilot was flying using visual reference points and had no experience with instrument controls. An experienced pilot would have switched to instrument controls when visibility gets bad.
“His plane’s height was insufficient to be picked up by radar so he was instructed to climb higher,” says Mani. “Turned out he was almost 100km off route. We guided him back to the right path and he landed safely in Malacca.”
Malaysia’s civil aviation standard is, thankfully, on par with developed nations. Under the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), our air traffic management functions with clockwork precision and abides by standards drawn up by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).
So far there hasn’t been any major accidents caused by the errors of ATCs.

How it works
In Malaysia, the Subang Air Traffic Control Centre handles all aircraft that criss-cross Peninsular Malaysia’s airspace, and the arrivals and departures at the numerous airports, including the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). In contrast, the KLIA Control Tower only handles arrivals and departures at KLIA.

“On average, we are talking about 30 aircraft an hour in just the approach landing area (40 miles radius prior to destination), and about 2,000 to 2,200 aircraft movements in a day,” says Subang-based Balasubramaniam Muttaya, director of Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre. He handles the Kuala Lumpur Flight Information Region (KL FIR).
Aircraft surveillance is done with radars strategically placed around the country. Outside these areas, aircraft are tracked using satellites. In addition, KLIA and Kuala Terengganu airports have state-of-the-art ground radars called MLAT (Multilateration) that track all the movement on airport grounds.
Say a pilot is flying from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Baru, he would put in a flight plan stating the route he’s taking, at what altitude and the emergency equipment he has onboard.
“The ATC will start to arrange the sequence of the planes that are flying from over 100 miles or more. He’ll instruct the pilots on who lands, who needs to hold up, lose time or depart later. We have a standard minimum of five nautical miles (9.6km) separation and 1,000ft (304m) vertical separation between two aircraft in a controlled airspace, and a three-nautical mile (5.5km) separation during approach landing,” says Balasubramaniam, who joined ATC fresh out of school and rose through the ranks.
Cruising at an average speed of 300 to 400 knots per hour (555.6kph to 740.8kph), a plane needs at least 8km to 16km to reduce its speed by 200 knots.
“You must think and act fast when sequencing the airplanes, otherwise traffic overtakes you,” explains Balasubramaniam.
The margin for error is so slim that it is considered unacceptable that planes be separated by 4.8 nautical miles, Balasubramaniam adds.
When a near-miss occurs, Balasubramaniam suspends the controller until the case is fully investigated. All radar information and communication between pilots and controllers are recorded. If the ATC is at fault, he or she will be suspended for four to five months and required to go for re-training.
“Of course, I must be fair to all sides. Sometimes it’s pilot error or even my fault, like when my instructions are not given properly,” says Balasubramaniam whose career spans 35 years.
“Touch wood but we have had no major crashes so far,” Balasubramaniam adds. “Most delays are caused by unpredictable weather and the scheduling by airlines during peak hours.”
Other factors include bad visibility during extreme weather, a wet and slippery runway, oil spillage on the ground and debris on the runway.
A common problem that ATCs encounter is language barrier. One of the most important criteria in becoming an ATC is proficiency in English, the common language in the aviation industry.
ATCs Suzana Sumanan

Coping on the jobIt’s no secret that an ATC’s job is one of the most stressful. But after 12 years, KLIA-based Suzana Sumanan, 43, has learned to take things in stride.
“At KLIA, we work in teams if there’s less traffic. If one person takes a break, the other takes over the controls,” says Suzana who is among the 24% of Malaysian ATCs who are women.
“We are only allowed a maximum of one hour to 1½ hours at the controls each time to avoid burnout. Then we rest for 30 minutes, get refreshed before returning to our shift.”
ATCs work six-hour shifts or 12-hour shifts, depending on their schedule. After each 12-hour shift, they get to take two days off. Sometimes, though, they are called back when someone goes on emergency leave.
“I think the recovery time is good enough. When I leave the building, I make sure I leave work behind,” says the mother of four kids who enjoys cooking for her family and watching TV to relax. “
“What’s important is that we follow procedure to the tee, are alert and aware of any new instructions like the closing of a runway.”
Balasubramaniam monitors his staff closely to ensure they don’t bring their personal problems to work.
“I’ll try to counsel them and find out what’s wrong,” says Balasubramaniam. “It’s important to have open communication.”
In his 30 years as an ATC, Nagayaindran S. Narayanan, 51, has seen it all.
He’ll never forget the sight of charred bodies being lugged out of the badly burnt international transfer corridor of Subang Terminal 1 in the 90s. He was the one who spotted the billowing smoke from the control tower and alerted the Airport Fire and Rescue services.
ATCs Nagayaindran
“I remember once rushing to Subang Airport for my afternoon shift to find the control tower looking like a mammoth pot sitting on a camp fire,” recalls Nagayaindran, now the principal assistant director of Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre. The October 1992 fire was caused by a disgruntled ATC.
“It was painful. It was my ‘home’ and a place I came not only to work, but to get my daily dose of excitement.”
Long-time ATCs like Nagayaindran will never forget the historical moment when KLIA started operations for the first time on June 30, 1998.
“Like flocks of migrating birds, the entire MAS fleet flew from Subang to KLIA,” says Nagayaindran.
“My colleagues and I cleared the aircraft to land for the first time in KLIA. It was a culmination of a meticulous plan initiated years before — the procurement of equipment, installation, training and the certification of ATCs were orchestrated to perfection.”
After three decades, Nagayaindran still gets a kick out of a day spent at the controls.
“Each day is never the same; one drama is different from the other. Even after so many years, the sight of these airplanes’ graceful performance is a sight to behold,” he admits.
“When you manage to squeeze the maximum number of planes safely through your chunk of airspace or runway, it gets your adrenaline pumping and it’s exhilarating!”
Source from The Star

The excitement of this job that i may soon experience and who knows maybe, someday there will be my pics in this and proudly say about the experience and the job........... insyaallah :)

A Good Career Option - Air Traffic Control

So, are you cut out to be an air traffic controller (ATC)? Here are the perks: it offers among the most lucrative wages in the civil service plus all the benefits, and you only clock in an average of 15 days a month and never need to take your work home.

Sounds like a sweet deal.

But the catch is that you must be the sort that doesn’t buckle under intense pressure, can think on your feet and make snap decisions, and a team player.

Currently, Malaysia has 661 licensed ATCs whose ages range from the early 20s to 63. Altogether, 967 people are required. This means 192 posts are still vacant, says Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar, director of the Air Traffic Management Sector of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). “The current number of ATCs is enough to cater to our day-to-day operations. However, controllers need to attend refresher training and courses for career development. It’s difficult to find staffers to cover the shifts when some ATCs are sent for training,” says Ahmad Nizar
To qualify for an ATC post, you need to be a diploma or degree holder in any field. Once accepted, you have to undergo 66 weeks of training at Malaysia Aviation Academy (Mava). A three- or four- month, on-the-job training at operation rooms will follow before a trainee goes for exams. If you pass with flying colours, you will get your ATC licence.
A word of advice from ATC Sahrol Nizal: “Prepare yourself mentally as the initial training demands a lot from you. Lots of people drop out halfway because they can’t cope with the subjects and the stress (even while in training). You have to be really determined!”
Entry-level wage for a diploma-holder is around RM2,400, and RM3,000 for a degree- holder. An ATC with five years’ experience can expect to take home between RM3,200 and RM4,300 plus medical and housing perks and overtime allowances. Beyond the pay and perks, most long-time ATCs stay on because of the thrill and sense of pride they derive from their jobs.
“I love the challenge. It’s no longer stressful once you’re seasoned at it,” says Sim Mong Heong, 61. Sim retired at the age of 56 but rejoined DCA on a contract basis.
“When you’re dealing with so many planes coming in all at once but you take all of them as near as possible and have enough separation and no delays, you’ve done a great job.”
“You have to love aviation to take on the job,” adds Nagayaindran S. Narayanan who has 30 years of traffic control experience under his belt. “Mistakes are unforgiving, the hours are ungodly, the weather messes up your plans and the money doesn’t commensurate with the risk . . .
“But at the end of the day, the job satisfaction trumps it all. You either love it or hate it, never in between. The choice is yours!”
■ If you’re interested in becoming an ATC, visit the Public Service Commission website to check vacancies and to apply online: Or visit tel: (03) 8871 4000

So anyone interesed to join and take the challenge. I still in the early stage and have a long way to go and to experience.......... :)


I am losing my touch

This morning when i wake up, i am a little bit upset. I AM LOSING MY TOUCH..........

Last night since we didn't have any tips on what to read on SAR and AIS for this coming final exam, so most of us just do their own job. Some see a movie, some play the games termasuklah aku sekali........ Since there no other things to do, i opened the laptop and saw that there is no internet connection. I thought they have shut the router yestesday. Mr Azman informed they need to install the anti-virus so last night mmg xde internet connection at MAVA.

So lagi bosan lah budak2 nie termasuklah aku.........

Mula la cari idea nak buat apa kan...... Teringat la kt hard disk lama yg dh lama tak bukak...... Bukak jer hard disk nampaklah koleksi Japanese series tu...... Lama dh tak layan Japanese series nie....... Lama gak tgk files dlm hard disk tu. Duk perhatikan nak tgk cerita yg mana. Nak tgk cerita sedih ke, nak tgk cerita lawak ke, nak tgk cerita budak2 sekolah ke...... Lama gak la duk perhati files tu sbb some of the series dh abis download tp tak tgk lagi....... At last bukak la cerita Nodame Cantabile under catogery cerita lawak. Last time tgk cerita tu tak ingat dh tgk sampai episode bape so bukak jer la dari awal episode 1. Mula tu layan lagi la, gelak2 sorang kt bilik sbb rumate turun bawah nak install game dari budak lelaki........ Abis episode 1, dh puas gelak, behenti jap gi bilik sebelah tgk apa Fiza and Linda buat kt bilik. Tgk2 Fiza dh tido, Linda tgh duk layan cerita Wolverine. Xde la tak seronok pun so balik ke bilik semula. Sambung episode 2 sampai la..................

Tau2 jam loceng ayam KFC tu berkokok menunjukkan dh pkl 6 setgh pagi.........
AKU TIDO MASA TGH TGK CERITA JEPUN!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN I??????????????
Where is my passion goes when it come to japanese drama and series..... Do i'm losing my touch already.......? tu yg datang sedih jer bile bgn pagi...... pandang jer screen laptop yg ada gambar akhir cerita tu before it stop ngan sedih sekali........
Dulu masa tgh "GILER" dan bergelar "Hantu Jepun", jgn kata nak tido. Sanggup tunggu depan laptop nak abiskan satu cerita tu bile dh siap download. Dh la satu cerita tu ada dalam 8 ke 10 episode. Satu episode dlm 40minit so all together utk abiskan semua cerita tu, jawap yer mmg tak tido lah........Pantang asal ajer abis download terus nak tgk sampai teringat2 kt opis, dah set dlm kepala otak nie, cerita dh abis download and balik nak gi tgk...... Sampai ada satu masa, cerita tu baru release di Jepun and xde subtitle tapi still nak download sbb nak tgk sambungan episode cerita tu. Tgk jer la, and faham2 sendiri sbb nak tunggu subtitle dia dlm 2 or 3 days baru leh dapat RAW subtitle or about 1 week for hardsub dier........ tu pun bile dah dapat RAW ulang lagi cerita tu and then bile dapat hardsub dia ulang lagi cerita tu but still masih boleh tgk lagi cerita tu sampai pagi and sometimes tak tido langsung.........

TAPI sekarang baru tgk 2 episode dh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... Sedih yer....... Nampak yer nak kene cari interest and passion lain la pulak............. :(


Monday, April 12, 2010

MAvA is in high alert

When i came back to the hostel yesterday, my rumate Fara informed me that Hafiz (usually we call him Abah) from Airbus class is admitted to the Putrajaya Hospital due to Denggi Berdarah. I'm in quite a shock. It reminds me of Arwah Din Beramboi who died several weeks earlier due to the same reason. Some of the students have visited him at the hospital and up till now, his condition is still in danger. His platelet is really low and still need to take the medicine to control his fever. News from student who have visited him informed that the fever have effected his lung and he need a lot of rest. He have been advised by the instructor who have visited him to have a good rest and not thinking about the incoming exam. Administrators will take care of his exam later when he is better.
Normally when there is case of Denggi there will be an immediate action taken from the hospital to the patient resident. They will start doing the fogging or etc but until now there is no action taken from the hospital or the admin. I have to admit that we live in the air condition room and maybe, just maybe that there is no mosquito here...... So not sure where he got that infection.

Refer to the condition at MAvA now; there are a lot of student that have a high fever and cold. I myself have a fever last week but i feel much better now except for my tonsils still in the mode of healing (need to take a lot of water). Today, 3 of my class member (Fiza, Fuad and Fauzi) have to go to the Klinik Kesihatan and they have to go for a blood test. Probably the result will be out tmr. Fauzi have been suspected as denggi fever since last week when he took the blood test and the counting of his the platelet is low (not too low but still low than usual counting) . Mr Apandi, our class advisor already warned the student to take an immediate action if there is any symptom of fever or cold. Students have to take care of their health especially in the end week of courses with a lot of exam coming..........

This morning also we have been surprise by the news of 2 inches water "flooded" inside the administrative buildings. We could saw the workers is sweeped the water outside the building. All the sofas, cupboard and several items is ruined by that water. Several Instructor room also effected. One of the rooms is Mr Raj, our instructor for Meteorology subject. Some student also make a joke about the Mets re-seat Final paper due to the final paper that we took last Friday is "sweep" by that water inside his room (Of course we didn't want to re-seat the final Mets again due to the technical problem like this....... Go and asked the contractor and JKR engineer to re-seat for us). We also didn't have to punch in and out today.
Mr Apandi informed probably it due to the faulty of air flow from the toilet tank at the 2nd floor. (Blame the JKR and contractor of that building). It is not surprise that this incident happen at the government building - we have seen more of this in news. In facts MAvA is still a new construction building (not achieve 1 year yet. DCA got this building from JKR on Sept last year) but still this could happen.......... again go find the contractor and also the JKR engineers.
Director General have come today to see the damaged at the admin building and there also have urgent meeting among them. By right, DG should have meet with student today due to Hafiz condition but the meeting is cancel and we being asked to make our own revision.

We also make a joke to Mr Apandi that we would like to make an aduan to the Metro and Berita Harian on this....... hehehehehehe

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cobaannnnn. Hai mambang tanah, mambang air, mambang api, mambang angin

Musim2 nak exam nie byk dugaan aku....... Start dari balik rumah ari tu aku dh rasa mcm tak sihat jer....... Sekali ari isnin mlm tu mmg badan dah panas...... Dah la esok nyer exam Nad Aids...... Aku study sambil bersandar kt katil sbb tak tahan punggung nak duduk kt kerusi study tu...... Dh bersandar tu tau jer la mesti nak terlelap...... Makan ubat Fara bagi......

Lepas mkn ubat terus tak ingat....... Before tu sarung baju sweater bulu yg baru beli tu..... Selimut lagi ngn toto yg ada....... Tido pulak bersandar kt kepala katil...... Masa tu Fara masih study lagi........

Kt tepi katil nie ada note yg nak kene hafal utk exam esok. Fara kata Faeza tido sampai mengigau / mcm berdengkur pun ada panggil mak...... Aku mmg mcm tu...... Kalo bdn panas jer asal tido jer mesti mcm mengerang sakit........ Hehehehe aku ingat dulu2 aku kalo demam mmg nak tido ngn mak. Mak bentang tilam single kt tgh rumah tu utk aku tido pastu dia tido sebelah....... Selimut sampai 2,3 lapis nak bagi berpeluh.......pastu nanti mak tuam kepala ngn air sejuk pakai towel. Bile towel tu dh kering jer nnti aku mula la mengerang, pastu mak bgn basahkan towel tu pastu tekap balik kt dahi........ Kadang2 mak lumur air asam jawa.......

Dulu masa kecik sampai la before aku masuk matriks asal nak masuk bilik doctor mesti ngn mak aku...... Kt matriks dulu pun tak pernah nak masuk sorang..... At least nak kene ada org teman....... La nie jer dh berani sikit nak masuk sorang2........ :) ye la kene la belajar survive sendiri.........

Pagi tu bgn bdn dh berpeluh sikit tapi masih still rasa panas...... Bertambah panas bile paper Nad Aids kene tangguh pasal soalan bocor....... Masa tu terus naik kepala..... Rasa masa tu batu ada duduk dlm kepala tp aku continue class Air Nav sbb tak mau kene tinggal belajar plotting (penting tu). But then tgh ari tu dh tak tahan dh...... Aku mintak no En Apandi n no Miss Anna. Mintak kebenaran utk skip klas petang........ Nasib baik dapat..... Aku tido sampai la pkl 5 bgn pegi punch card. Masa tu kepala dh ringan sikit dh......

TAPI tekak nie pulak buat hal..... Perit semcm jer....... Bila minum air rasa pedih semacam. Berpeluh main badminton pun tak jadi gak..... Rasa makin teruk lagi ada........ Last2 mlm tadi gi klinik. Thanks Zal, teman ayang gi klinik. Susah2 jer balik keje terus datang cini........ Doctor kata xde apa2..... suhu pun tak tinggi sgt...... Cuma tonsil ada bengkak sikit, sbb tu perit bila minum or mkn. Doctor bagi ubat demam, antibiotik, selsema n sakit tekak..... Semua ubat besar2 gaban....... Kalo tak dipikirkan nak exam esok mesti aku tak mkn ubat2 tu mcm selalu..... Kan senang suruh demam tu kebah sendiri tp mkn masa la sikit...... :)

Skrg nie yg tak tahan yer tekak nie..... Bile dia perit or gatal, dia akan buat batuk tu semcm sampai rasa nak termuntah tp xde kahak...... Rasa mcm nak tercabut jer tonsil tu...... Kalo lah leh kuarkan jer tonsil tu, mesti aku nak basuh cukup2........ Dlm kelas pun tak selesa, rasa mcm mengganggu org lain nak belajar jer bila batuk tu....... Tak tau la nnti exam mcm mana....... Hopefully ok kot........

Xpe la, org kata, Allah kalo sayang org tu mesti nak test sikit...... Xpe aku redha jer....... :) Hopefully i can do well utk exam tomorrow.........


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The very Stupid Things Happen Today

Today suppose to be the Final Exam for Navigational Aids but after 45 minutes exam, suddenly Ms Anna Ting Ting Ting come up in front and start to say something. Earlier i just want to ignore it and continue answering the question BUT she come out with the instruction,

"We have to stop this exam and re-exam again because some of you got the question paper. This is the prove"

You can see at her hand there a several paper with the nice writing. It not 1 but at least 5 of the paper with a good hand writing consist of question and answer exactly the same in the final paper. You can saw the printed version of the final paper too.

What a stupid, stupid, stupid things to do............

U know that u have the question and still u bring that to the exam hall (maybe u want to memorised it BUT please use your brain........ U can memorise and keep that things in the class room instead of at the exam hall). U knew that Ms Anna have nothing much to do except to check everything on what student might do then u stupid enough to put that paper behind of the hall. Of course she will check everything (she also check our cupboard during inspection in the hostel room) of course she will spot that paper..........

Another stupid things is u brought the printed version of the question paper into the hall. Exactly the same as the final paper WITH THE MARKS INSIDE........ If we want to argue with the instructor about that question (cause maybe it just the coincidence), of course we will lost in any court because u have the printed version. Exactly the same question words by words. Tak pandai nak cover..................

I have to admit that i also got that question. I got it last night (but not the printed version) and had answered all the question. I just memorised the answer for the exam. BUT it still not fair because Mr Razi have given us enough hint during the class earlier. So my answer actually already been done much earlier (before i got that question) when i make my short notes refer to the hint given by Mr Razi.

BUT STILL i can't accept the STUPID things that have been done by someone who i think can think enough of their action..........

We can saw the frustrated face at Mr Razi. It really shown....... It feel like we have failed him by doing that things. Fara said he come into the class with the red eyes and said that he very disappointed with us..........

Then we have our "lecture" by Ketua Pengarah, Tuan Haji Remli at the auditorium around 11am this morning. About the things that just happen earlier. He also expressed his disappointed that this things can happen in this batch.
There will be a big chances that we may also have to re-seat exam for not only Nad Aids BUT also for the other 4 Final exam that we have earlier............... (what the hell !!!!!!!!!!)

Very frustrated :(

Monday, April 5, 2010

Final exam - Primary ATC Course

Bile belajar je ada pekse...... Bile pekse jer belajar.......

Bak kata prof aku pekse nie dibuat utk menguji tahap kefahaman student. Kalo xde exam budak2 xbaca buku. Buku tu nnti jadi perhiasan jer..... Ha tu yg datang belajar utk jawab peksa jer..... Lepas abis pekse abis hilang semua....... Hehehehe biasa la tu kan........

Kat primary course nie pun sama jer 2x5=10. Student is being evaluate from the final exam for each of the primary course subject. But some of the subject not need for final exam but have an assignment to be submit in certain time. From 13 subject in this courses, 11 subject need for a final exam that carry 90% or 80% of mark and add with the progress test.

We have done final exam for 4 subject and starting tmr another 7 will approaching one by one. 2 final paper for each week i think is fair enough for us. Only that the gap between Air Nav and ATS will be a little hard to carry because both subject it tough and we only have 2 days to study for ATS. We see if there is any other new amendment for the final schedule but as far as i know that the final arrangment as told by Mr Razi since HQ need all the result by 22nd April and student just have to wait for the attachment letter the following week (if student pass all the exam). Who ever need to repeat the paper will stay for the fail paper and proceed for the attachment. So moral of the story whether u pass or not, u still have to go to the attachment.

So far, i have passed all the 4 subject (Alhamdulillah). Berkat doa mak and org2 yg tersayang........Most of the mark is in average...... :)

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