Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Question and Answer


Hi again mdm faezah,
thank you for your wilingness in fulfilling my curiosity needs haha. i must say, i envy you a lot (in a good way) for having the best-est time of your life and having the chance to enjoy it every single moment you can.
well 3 years in my case is actually quite a long time, i'm not sure i can hang on that long haha. i've been planning on trying out for a29 but i'm afraid it's pretty hard to naik ke a41:( is it? by kekosongan kan. will it be possible if i take the a29 and then once i got through the department, i took cuti belajar and finish up my degree to get to that a41 one. or is it much better if i just pursue my 2 year degree and apply for the job, a41, right after i finish up my degree.

lend me your best thought on this dear soon-to-become-senior-hopefully :)



Salam annurrazali,
To be truth I can’t answer ur question since u urself have to decide what path can u want to choose. I can only give my opinion base on my experience.

U may apply for a29 since u already have diploma. It not hard to naik to A41 but definately not in short period. I mean kene ikut seniority la and ia BUKAN by kekosongan. Kalo dulu mmg susah nk naik pangkat dlm ATC nie. Sometimes from a29 nk kene a36 it will take 10 years+ depend on ur Penilaian Prestasi. Yang A41 pn nk naik A44 pn ada senior yg took almost 20 years!!! Tp since last year PM dh umumkan semua jawatan dlm gov are on time based so now in 8 years mcm mana pn u akan naik gred. To pursue ur degree after accepting a29 job it may be difficult. Bkn nak down kan tp bayang kan once u dah masuk ATC bkn boleh terus duduk kt dpn strip or counsel tu and terus bg arahan kt kapal. U have to go for 1 ½ years training at academy. How u want to continue ur study? And I would like to inform u that tiada cuti belajar BERGAJI PENUH for Penolong Pegawai dalam gov service. Yang ada utk Pegawai sahaja. Kalo ada pn cuti belajar separuh gaji. Kalo u take cuti tanpa gaji utk belajar u will loose ur seniority. Sbb tu byk PPKTU yg ambik belajar separuh masa. That a lot to think about bila u dh msk gomen nie. I have friend dlm my batch yg masa dpt offer ATC tu tgh buat Master. Since dh kene masuk academy mmg xleh nk belajar or buat tesis even during weekend sbb masa kt Academy sendiri there are a lot to learn too. Dgn exam n test sometimes in every week mmg susah nk sambung belajar. Actually dulu jabatan xbape galakan kenaikan pangkat dlm jabatan tp dia galakkan u all belajar. So mcm mana tu??? Hehehe kalo nk tau next batch 2013 nie ada intake from oldest ATC yg skrg nie PPKTU and dieorg apply for PKTU punya position from SPA. They undergo same exam, same test and same interview with this coming intake since Jabatan mcm dh ada kelonggaran utk bg peluang mereka-mereka nie naikkan pangkat tp they have to go mcm peserta lain la. I heard some of them have succeeded!!! So boleh la nak try bila dh jadi A29 nk apply A41 bila uol dh ada degree nnti.

My only suggestion is go through ur degree, finish it and apply direct position A41!!!!


salam.. kak, saya memang sangat2 berminat nak jadi ATC. saya baru apply untuk post PEMBANTU KAWALAN TRAFIK UDARA GRED A17 di laman web SPA. saya apply untuk post tu sebagai langkah pertama untuk jadi ATC, ok ke? saya sekarang sedang mengambil degree in Aviation Management. Dalam end of JUne 2013 habislah. saya saja apply awal sebab takut procedure lama. saya harap akak boleh jadi sumber inspirasi@idola saya..

Salam Nora,

Akak xde dengar lg pasal intake A17 nie. I think dh lama gak jabatan xambik batch utk A17. Last batch yg akak kenal cuma batch 2007/8 yg akak kenal dlm jabatan. Ikutkan thn lepas KALO SPBA tu jadi dibuat, tidak ada lg jawatan A17 dlm DCA. Dieorang nie akan dijumudkan terus ke jawatan A29. Kalo masuk jawatan A17 uol xde gi kursus ATC mcm Penolong and Pegawai. Kalo mcm kt KLIA uol akan buat keje opis or join AIS team buat NOTAM and flight plan. Kalo kt center uols have to prepare strip la. Batch A17 yg akak kenal nie dh pegi semua kursus ATC last year sbb pasal keluar arahan pasal nk jumudkan tp sampai skrg status dieorang nie masih hanging lagi. Walaupn dh undergo semua training tp diaorang bkn lagi practicing controller. So better abiskan ur degree and nnti apply semula for A41 position yer…. 


Salam kak,

macam mana dengan pakej gaji yang ditawarkan?adakah lebih lumayan daripada pakej gaji jabatan kerajaan yang lain?
selain tu, ade kemudahan kuarters tak untuk staf?
dari segi masa bekerja macam mana plak

terima kasih...



1. Alhamdulillah. So far akak rasa gaji ATC mmg worth it. Walaupn basic mcm gaji jabatan gov lain tp yg membezakan kami adalah elaun. ATC bykkk elaun. Nk sebut semua kt sini susah plk tp mmg worth every penny. Bila u dh jadi practicing controller u elaun can exceed half of ur basic gaji.

2. Kemudahan kuarters depend on ut station. Some airport station provide kuarters mcm Airport Terengganu. Kalo KLIA ada kuarters KLIA yg juga didiami oleh Agensi kerajaan yg lain mcm polis, imigresen, kastam dll Tp ada jgk airport yg xde sedia kuarters. U have to find ur own rmh sewa la and u will get elaun perumahan.

3. Masa berkerja pn depend on station jgk. Ada station 24 hours mcm KLIA, Penang, Johor and Langkawi - most International Airport. Ada airport sampai pkl 10 malam atau last flight yg depart dari airport tu. Kalo flight tu delay maka lambat la tutup airport tu. Kalo airport Tioman sampai ptg jer. So depend. Tp semua station mmg keje on shift. Setiap masa shift depend on airport. Ada keje 6 jam, 8 jam. Kalo KLIA keje 6jam shift petang, esok keje 6 jam shift pagi, ptgnyer masuk semula 12jam utk shift mlm. Lps balik keje mlm tu cuti 2 hari. So kira keje 2 hari cuti 2 hari la….


Dari segi carrier development macam mana pulak?ade pluang X AATCO jadi ATCO?n cepat ke nak naik pangkat?


Hi.... Rasanyer soalan nie me dh jawab panjang lebar dari soalan yg pertama td. It about seniority, penilaian prestasi and kalo betul dh implement time based maka every 8 year u akan naik gred.


Selepas abis training kat MAVA, adakah tempat posting atas pilihan kita sendiri or DCA akan letak kat mana-mana airport?means no choice...
ni untuk jawatan AATCO A29..kalau kat sarawak mcm mana?

Masa me kt MAVA dulu after abis training we all diberi borang pilihan posting. Me mintak Subang tp dapat KLIA… So boleh agak la kan x semesti nyer apa yg dipilih tu akan dpt la. Cuma boleh berharap jer. TP still u have a choice. Jabatan xkejam sgt…. 

Kalo jawatan A29, mmg kene hantar kt semua airport even kt small airport mcm airport Marudi. 


i baru lulus 1st exm...any tips for 2nd stage? =)


Hi Husna,
Kalo tips utk exam and test nie kene bukak post baru. Nnti me akan kongsi pengalaman me masa exam n test dulu. Tp rasanyer mcm dh kongsi di post sebelum-sebelum nie. 


Assalamualaikum kak.

It's been almost a whole year since my first comment here, which I have always felt thankful for the answers given by you ^ ^ And guess what? I just had my 2nd stage assessment at DCA Putrajaya two weeks ago. I'd say my chance is....50-50? It was especially tough during the last test, which where there was a group discussion and presentation, two things that I have been always so bad at. Gemuruh tak hengat T T
I really hope that I won't fail halfway, that would be such an epic tragedy, I want to be a part of your team so badly.
Anyway, since it's Ramadhan, I wish you a Great Fasting Month, and, if it isn't too much trouble, mintak doakan saya lepas masuk sbg ATCO intake tahun ni.
That is, of course, if you aren't too busy, you know, directing traffic in the sky ^^


Hi n.Yan

I’m very sorry kalo I didn’t reply ur pm at fb or here. Mmg sejak dh ada anak nie ada aje yg nk dibuat dan tertangguh2 keje. Niat hati mmg nk reply ur pm last time tp tau jer la bila dh kata nnti2 maka nyer lupa terus. Anyway I heard result interview dh kuar. So good luck and see u soon if u make a visit to KLIA.


  1. Salam Kak Faezah,

    Thanks for replying to my messages and comments here, gabung semua reply sekali tak tahan, hehe, but knowing how busy you are, I totally appreciate that you do reply here. The interview was done and result came out, and unfortunately I haven't succeeded (yet, I hope), only got as far as the "Lantikan Simpanan". I will not give up though, still learning all I can about the profession, and moving on with my current job and my current life. A little hard to swallow I admit, seeing how I am madly impatient to begin my career as an Air Traffic Controller, but everything has a silver lining, and I will take this chance to be a better person, professionally, and gain more confidence and stability while waiting for the next batch of intake to happen.

    Anyway, I pray to be able to join you in this ATC "business" soon, Insya Allah, and thanks again for all your previous advises. ^_^


    1. Salam nYan,

      "Don't give up hope just yet. It's the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.”

      No need to worries... Me also succeeded after 2nd attempt. If i'm not mistaken there always ATC intake yearly. Just make sure u update ur app in SPA... Yes it is time to be better and pray.... Hope to see u in the further.... :)

      P/s: r u Yen Abdullah in fb?

  2. Salam, ya Kak, Yen Abdullah, itu saya. Salam perkenalan :)


  3. Salam Faezah..

    Saya memang sangat berminat utk menjadi ATCO as aviation always fascinates me. Saya sampai ke 2nd stage (oral test) pada July 2012. Tetapi, Tuhan telah menentukan rezeki saya setakat di situ. Apepun, sy tetap akan terus mencuba pasa masa akan datang. Saya cuma nak tahu if this is within your knowledge, berapa kali lantikan ATCO agaknya ye? Setahun sekali? 2 tahun sekali? Ataupun memang x menentu, bergantung pada kekosongan perhaps?

  4. Salam hunter/hunted?....

    From my experience there always once a year intake for ATC every year. Let me give u the statistic from what i know and my limiled knowlegde. Starting from year that gov start offer full service for new ATC

    Year 2009 - there is intake early this year. It mix between ATCO A41 and AATCO A29 if im not mistaken. The 30 of them are A41 and about 40+ are A29

    Year 2010 - My batch. Intake on Jan. all 81 candidate are A41. The most A41 intake in DCA. We finish our courses on Jan and start transfer on Feb 2011

    Year 2011 - Intake on Jun. All candidate are A29. I'm not sure how much.

    Year 2012 - No intake have been taken because MAVA full with all other courses including to full fill our batch requirement for Area Radar Course before confirmation. But the interview and assessment are in progress.

    Year 2013 - 1st intake on Jan for A41 candidate. It 31 of them still at Mava for courses.
    2nd intake all A 29 candidate will be registered this coming may because mava have to finish Primary courses for A41 before they can start a new courses for this A29 batch.

    So u can see that almost every year there will be an intake for ATC. Furthermore with the opening of KLIA2 this coming June (probably will be postpone again) they need a lot of ATC in service. We still facing short of staff in each station.

    Just don't lose hope....

  5. salam kak Faezah & n.Yan,

    I am here to search on any new update about A41 2nd batch intake. in fact I am also one of 'lantikan simpanan' candidates. I found your info and opinion about ATCO profession is worth reading. thanks a lot kak.
    I am still hoping and keep on doa that I will one day become an ATCO. A good ATCO insyaAllah.
    btw, there is an info from 1st intake batch A41 friend that 2nd batch will be call up on this August. Is that true kak? Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. Amin..


  6. Hi.....

    If that news is true then it a good chance for the simpanan candidates.... hehehe I will check about it with 'my spy' and let uoll know ok.... but in my opinion from the courses that are and will running at mava right now it not possible they will make it on august. With the new intake A29 starting this 20 May with the induction and primary courses that will start after that, mava still need some time for new intake.... let see the gap between the 1st intake and 2nd intake this year itself take nearly 5 month bcoz the instuctor have to be prepared and enough to conduct each courses. So let pray for the best ok....

  7. salam kak..

    I just wondering how you manage family with the shift working hours life?
    May I know who is taking care of your little one when you are on night shift?
    As a mother, your little one must be closed to you rite esp night time?

    actually all the Qs above is because I want to get picture once I join ATCO later.
    I know definitely my weekend will be gone to be with the family.
    my current job is I'm working normal hours but usually I will be back home around 9-10pm everyday. I dont spend quality time with my 16mons son and the only time I hv is during the weekend.

    Pls share your experience kak. appreciate it.


  8. salam kak..

    end of this month i will be having an exam by the gov for new enrolment for pegawai kawalan trafik udara. when i got this news i was so blur because i don't know what kind if exam it will be and what kind of question they will ask.. please help me ;(

    1. Hi. Anyway thanks baca blog yg berhabuk nie. I have shared some info psl exam. It not a tips just a little example of question yg me pernah lalui dulu...

      All the best and good luck

  9. salam kak..i feel happy found ur blog..i got invitation to sit for A29 exam on 7th Dec at Kota bharu..even, skrg ni tgh sit final sem degree..i would like to sit for exam as for my experience..even so nervous..but...i'm not hoping too much..(xnak mengharap..nti kecewa..hihi..)..i just make simple preparation to sit the exam..like a what stated by SPA...but,i guess i had new knowledge..lau x,mana penah amk kisah pon before ni..ofkos...i really salute your position right now..it is now easy to be ATCO need to sacrifice.. feel determination n quick decision making ..and etc...

  10. salam kak.boleh tak akak explain ape tu air safety dlm atc/atca.terima kasih kak..sebab sy ade exam hr sabtu ni..sy still blur lg pasal pengertian air safety.dah cari kat google tp ianya terlalu detail..tak tahu nak amik yg mane..tolong yer kak..terima kasih dan assalamualaikum w.b.t

  11. Who can tell me what should i prepare for my PCA for ATCOon 21 Dec? Please...

  12. Salam kak nak tanya. kalau lepasan iajazah berapa lama kena menjalani kursus?

    1. Wslm,

      Kursus tak mengira samaada lepasan diploma atau ijazah. As long u accepted by the gomen system kene pegi kursus ATC mengikut turutan tu smpai abis baru dapat posting. Duration tu depend pada jadual di akademi nnti

  13. Assalamualaikum... akak sy mmng minat sesangat nak jadi ATC ni... Result interview A41 baru kluar last week dan saya dapat simpanan lantikan. Apakah harapan saya untuk ATC ni masih cerah.. memandangkan umur semakin meningkat.. mohon pendapat akak.. terima kasih

    1. Waalaikumsalam....
      1st of all tahniah kerana berjaya hingga ke final stage walaupn diletakkan sebagai calon simpanan. Walaupn calon simpanan tp kebarangkalian untuk di panggil mengikuti kursus adalah cerah. Akak bg contoh batch terbaru di akademi skrg yang tgh menjalani primary courses untuk februari 2014 baru2 nie terdiri daripada calon simpanan. Xsilap dlm belas orang terdiri dari a29 and a41.

      Calon simpanan biasa dipanggil bila akademi ada kekosongan kursus tp calon untuk dipanggil masih dalam proses interview by SPA ke masih PAC ke so calon simpanan akan dipanggil untuk mengisi ruang kursus yang telah dijadualkan oleh akademi.

      Tapi akak ada dengar jugak calon simpanan yang dipanggil semula untuk menjalani proses exam, pac dan interview seperti new intake. Xpe ikut jer the flow. Kalo ada rezeki tak kemana kan.....

      So keep fate and terus berdoa ok.

  14. Assalamualaikum kak Faezah,
    First of all I want to thank you for writing this blog. I've gained so much info by reading this. I've been using this as one of my research info when I was preparing for all 3 stages. Alhamdulillah I was listed as reserve candidate for AATCO A29.
    Kak, if I'm not mistaken the last intake for A29 is on May 2013 right? Do u know when is the next intake? Will it be possible by this year or next year? I really hope that I could be selected to enter MaVa because I have so much passion for this job and I've been waiting several years for this.
    Thank you so much for reading this.


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